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National program of agricultural complex development


The cattle stock of the Russian Federation has decreased by more than 20 million head of cattle, 10 million swine, 28 million sheep for the last ten years. Today the domestic livestock farming gives only 60% of meat requirements of the country; the rest has to be imported.

A five-year government program of agricultural sector development 2008-1012, which has the status of a priority national project, has been realized since the beginning of 2008. Livestock development will provide food stock independence of Russia and food prices stabilization in the country. That is why “INSI” group of plants considers designing and construction of agricultural complexes to be top priority task.

“INSI” group of plants has a long-term experience in agricultural complexes construction in different regions of our country such as Perm Territory, Chelyabinsk region, Moscow region, Lipetsk region, which are already put in commission and are operating enterprises.

In August 2006 the company became a general constructor in construction of the dairy farm for 2000 milk cows in Lipetsk region. The shortest period of design and construction allowed to deliver the first lot of cattle in November 2006, and to complete the first stage. The total area of the complex is 32000 sq.m, which includes more than 30 buildings and premises, such as cattle barns, an automated milk barn MaraTEC, calf barns, warehouses, gas boiler house, PAO, weighbridge for 60 tons. In June 2006 the design and construction of subsidiary and principal buildings of a pig-breeding complex of 50000 head for Spanish group Campofrio began in Moscow region. It was completed in August 2007.

Unique methods of technological design, construction and reconstruction for competitive profitable livestock complexes erection were developed. These methods consider the demands of the modern industrial technology and complex solution to the problem of the choice of keeping, placement of the cattle and mechanical means.   Taking into account the lack of expert-managers in agricultural sector “INSI” undertakes strategic vision of the agricultural complex development and working out technological task(TT). In the course of preliminary design and common concept of the agricultural complex development “INSI” helps to solve such priority questions as profitability, technological literacy, construction costs.

The development of the TT and common concept of the agricultural complex is a new service of the company. With its help the entrepreneur can make a real business plan of the future manufacture and decide a question of the construction of a modern enterprise. TT development includes the visit of the “INSI” experts to the enterprise or the site of the future enterprise in order to give a consultation on the situation, help to develop the strategy of the enterprise development, draw up a protocol with the specification of each point of the technological task. Before the TT protocol is drawn up strategic vision of the future enterprise from the point of view of its investment attraction and its social significance in the particular region (in case of concessionary financing interest) is discussed and the necessary infrastructure is defined.

Practice shows that only new and modern constriction and livestock technologies can turn the problem sector into a highly-profitable one. That is why “INSI” experts focus on the world leading technological solutions in the livestock production. To realize this the company has working relationships with world leaders of livestock industry: DeLaval, BouMatic, MaraTEC, SCHAUER, Westfalia Surge, etc.

The key moments of the solutions offered by “INSI”:

  1. a wide use of own-produced galvanized SFS (thermoprofiles) which reduces construction and assembly costs;
  2. operational compatibility of constructional solutions;
  3. a great number of typical projects aimed at unification and standardization of manufacture with regard to the concentration and specialization of the organization departments of the agricultural complex activity;
  4. the application of the resource-saving technologies.

 “INSI” agricultural complexes apply solutions which fully correspond to the norms and rules operating on the territory of the Russian Federation and the world standards as well. The construction period is short and the costs are low.