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Two-storeyed prefabricated houses

быстровозводимый дом

A two-storeyed prefabricated house can be assembled of standard panels.

Depending on the desired interior planning it is necessary to decide on the type of exterior wall panels applied for the construction of the house. Firstly all the panels and the roof module, required by the construction of the house, are assembled. The assembly manual is attached to each panel.

Before the assembly of the house it is necessary to make sure that the foundation works are fully completed and have real sizes. Then wall panels are fixed one by one according to the lay-out of windows and doors. After that the panels are joined by means of self-drilling self-tapping screws, which are included in the delivery set.

For the assembly of the second floor it is necessary to set the separation partitions of the first floor to the designed position (if they are required in the project) and fix the preassembled modules of the first floor bridging.

Then the panels of the second floor are assembled and joined with the help of self-tapping screws similarly to the assembly of the first floor. According to the given manual the frontispiece panels and timbered roof are assembled.

We recommend you to assemble the house strictly following the prompts in the manual. It will provide save execution of the works and compliance with technical safety rules. The construction of the houses of prefabricated panels allows realizing the replanning at your option even after the erection of the fundamental walls of the building. “INSI” provides both exterior and interior panels which consist of thin-walled profiles of pillar stands and collar beams joined by self-tapping screws similarly to other panels. The two sides of interior panels can be coated with plaster slab 10…12.5 mm thick. This assembly of a one-floor house 6x9m will take a group of 5 builders 250 hours or 4 working days. If you plan to fix heavy brick or porous concrete separation partitions, you will need to prepare corresponding foundation at the assembly site.

You can learn more about the complement of two-storeyed prefabricated houses from the company managers.