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A temple of prelate Nikolay Chudotvorets is consecrated in Chesma


The metropolitan of Chelyabinsk and Zlatoust Iov performed consecration of the temple of prelate Nikolay Chudotvorets. Building of the stone temple devoted to prelate Nikolay Ugodniku  lasted 10 years. All people collected money for building of the temple. And now this beauty – the church decorated with golden domes, – is erected in the centre of the village.

During the liturgy metropolitan Iov performed chirotony: Deacon Artemy Kajgorodov was
ordained a priest. He will continue serving in Nikolsky temple in Chesma. Church letters of commendation in gratitude for revival of the Temple were handed by the metropolitan to the philanthropists who had done what they could to help in building of Nikolsky temple, among them the group of plants "INSI" which took active part in building.

The same day the solemn opening of the renovated Recreation centre located not far from the temple took place. For the first time in the last forty years a little miserable and grey building started to look to advantage.

They did not only repair the facade, but also completely changed the design of the foyer and auditorium. The stage was enlarged, modern light and stage equipment was installed, and soft theatre armchairs were assembled for spectators. 4,5 million roubles from the regional and half-million from the local budgets have been invested in major repairs of the building.