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  • Headquartered in Chelyabinsk , the company is located in the industrial heart of Russia. We can now boast more than 20 years of expertise in manufacturing and constructional industry. The company’s activities include turn-key design, production, construction of buildings and structures.
    INSI Holding company manufactures:
    • VSM construction reinforcing fiber.
    • INSI-BLOCK autoclave gas-concrete blocks.
    • The Holding Company comprises a Prefabricated Buildings Factory, five Roofing and Facade Factories (Khabarovsk, Slavyansk-na-Kubani in the Krasnodar Region, Novosibirsk, two production facilities in Chelyabinsk), an Autoclave Gas-Concrete Plant, «C-Airlaid» Factory,  Medical clothes and linen production facility, 25 sales offices throughout Russia and CIS countries.