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Since our company established relations with European partners, INSI homes can now come complete with everything one may need for a comfortable and safe residence.

Thanks to our cooperation with KAN and Kermi companies, projects for our residential homes may include not only external and internal cladding but also water supply, heating and ventilation systems.

These systems can be designed for any houses and buildings. Our engineers will choose the most appropriate parts and accessories to ensure minimum expenses and maximum comfort of the residents.

Our buildings can also come complete with Novoferm garage and industrial doors. We provide doors of multiple configurations and types to suit most sophisticated requirements.

Bauder Soft Roofing solutions are a worthy alternative to traditional roofing. Professional installation makes roofs a water tight and reliable protection of people’s wellbeing. INSI offers two types of roofing membranes manufactured by this renowned company: PVC and TPO. They both provide excellent water tightness which is an important issue for flat roofs.