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Autoclave Aerated Concrete Factory

Autoclave Aerated Concrete Plant is a part of INSI Holding Company which is the leading manufacturer of light gauge metal structures, prefabricated residential and industrial buildings. The Plant focuses on large-scale production of autoclave aerated concrete (AAC) products on a German production line.

AAC's advantages in construction are its time- and cost-effectiveness. It is also environmentally friendly due to easy recycling. Our products proved highly reliable, durable and of high-quality.

Autoclave Aerated Concrete Plant is equipped with a German production line. We produce a range of building construction materials: wall and partition blocks (INSI-blocks), dry pack mortar.

Aerated concrete is treated with pressure steam to accelerate mixture hardening process and produce more solid material (gas silicate). Countless pores of cellular concrete account for material's high insulation properties. Thermal conductivity of INSI-blocks is 3-4 times lower than that of bricks and concrete blocks. Laboratory analysis showed that with density of AAC blocks and foam concrete blocks being equal, AAC blocks prove to be much more durable and energy-efficient.


Item title with reference to density (kg/m 3 ) D400 D500 D500 D600
Strength class B1,5(M25) B2,5(M35) B3,5(M50) B3,5(M50)
Item title with reference to freeze-thaw durability (cycle) ---- F100 F100 F100
Dry thermal conductivity (W/m°C) 0,1 0,12 0,12 0,14
Vapor permeability (mg/(m*h*PA)) 0,2 0,2 0,2 0,16
Weight humidity, %, does not exceed 30 30 30 30