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INSI houses lived through a storm

INSI houses lived through a storm

April 26th Omsk suffered a gale with wind speed reaching 30 m/min. None of the INSI-manufactured structures was damaged.

The gale cause major destructions on the territory of the Omsk region – roofs of more than 550 buildings in 24 districts were damaged or blown down. More than 345 of them are private and multi-storey residential houses and social facilities. The roof of the “Avantgarde” swimming-pool was fully blown away. The most impressive monument of the city - a huge sphere 7 m in diameter – was set in motion and rolled away from its permanent base. 2 people were killed and 50 were injured during the storm.

It is natural for anyone to try and keep his house safe and feel protected during storm and other natural calamities.

INSI products undergo a step-by-step trial by withstanding various challenges that nature brings. On April 26th another trial was successfully passed by our houses: the wind did not damage our houses and roofs. Undoubtedly all INSI projects are subjected to various specialist tests and we are sure of our products. Nevertheless time shows that our theoretical calculations have multiple real-life confirmations.

Быстровозводимый дом ИНСИ

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