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Innovational building envelop by INSI

Innovational building envelop by INSI

Another innovation by INSI is light-gauge panels for cast-in-place concrete frame buildings that help increase effective floor area of buildings and reduce load on foundations and frame.

Wall panels of layer-by-layer assembly can serve as curtain walls of newly-built or reconstructed frame based buildings of various applications in any climatic areas.

Fast installation, high reliability and reduced cost are the main features of this solution.

  • Facade panels
  • Ceramic granite
  • Facade cassettes

External wall panels are recommended for use in the following building types:

  • High-rise residential buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Social infrastructure

Structurally wall panels are made of steel frame filled with mineral wool (insulation). On the inside the insulation is covered with vapour-proof film and two layers of gypsum plasterboard 12.5 mm each or aquapanel. On the outside the frame is protected with a windproof membrane and further various cladding materials are added: façade panels, façade cassettes, ceramic granite, aquapanel. The choice depends on design concept.

Thickness of such walls is about 150 mm (for regions whose climatic conditions are the same as in Chelyabinsk), which means low weight of outer walls of the building and consequently less expensive frame and foundation.

Dry and fast installation process, perfectly even surface, 100% finishability, eco-friendliness, durability are only part of the benefits our new product can boast.

INSI has a Certificate that confirms applicability of the panels for construction works. Each component is also certified.

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