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Facade and Roofing Factory

The INSI Facade and Roofing Plant manufactures facade, roofing and load-bearing structures. In our Company you can buy facade and roofing materials separately or order a whole building.

We manufacture the following products:

What we do:

  • Design buildings of various applications
  • Construction works and contract supervision
  • Obtain construction documents and licences 
  • Provide detailed engineering guidelines.

Why cooperate with INSI?

We bring in QUALITY

  • Wide range of roofing and facade elements made of high-grade metal.
  • Wide variety of covering colors, including uncommon exclusive colors
  • High quality of products


  • Complete work package from design to "turnkey" construction (buildings and structures for various applications).
  • Space-saving modern package simplifying and speeding up delivery to any distance.
  • Only modern construction materials, no need for expensive lifting equipment.
  • Bolt-on junctions, without wet-mix process.
  • Possibility of all-year-round construction
  • Construction in any part of Russia and CIS countries.
  • Prompt manufacturing and delivery.


  • The company has been on the market for 22 years already.
  • There are hundreds of completed projects on the CIS territory.
  • High level of the company staff proficiency.
  • All the products we make and works we perform have relevant certificates of quality.