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Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated buildings include various buildings of industrial and civil application that due to peculiar structural solutions and applied materials are easy and quick to produce and assemble.

Currently INSI manufactures several types of metal-framed buildings:

  1. Private single- and double-storey houses;
  2. Low-rise blocks of flats;
  3. Commercial buildings;
  4. Industrial buildings and facilities.

The price of prefab INSI buildings includes the whole set of construction materials (frame, insulation, façade materials, accessories). Free of charge you will also get all the benefits of the INSI-produced buildings:

  1. Comfort and coziness for years to come thanks to the following:
    • Steels structures are not susceptible to mould or fungi, galvanized profiles of the frame are corrosion-resistant, while external steel elements bear several layers of coating that lasts for about 50 years. Insulation is made of non-flammable, eco-friendly sound-proofing material (mineral wool).
    • Steel is an ecologically safe and fully recyclable material.
    • The houses we supply include downspout system and all necessary elements for water proofing.
    • Thermal insulation is calculated based on the climate of a certain region and protects against cold in winter and heat in summer.
    • Steel roofs and facades do not absorb mud or dirt, which stays on the surface and can be easily removed with water.
  2. Time-saving due to:
    • prefabrication of elements
    • bolt connections, no welding required
  3. Cost-saving due to:
    • lower price of materials (compared to traditional materials);
    • faster commissioning (compared to traditional technologies);
    • less heating and cooling required due to efficient insulation (unlike in case with concrete slabs, here the customer can check thickness and quality of heat insulation during assembly);
    • minimum man-force required for assembly;
    • shallow foundations are the most suitable solution for INSI buildings.
  4. Flexibility
    • Various spheres of application;
    • Various architectural solutions;
    • Possibility to change internal layout by relocating non-bearing partitions;
    • Unlimited floor area;
    • No limitations with regard to heating systems and electric devices;
    • Any colors to customs requirements;
    • Construction feasible in any area;
    • Possibility to apply various cladding materials.
  5. Safety due to:
    • seismic stability (steel houses weigh 5 times less than traditional ones, besides steel is an elastic material that partly absorbs the energy of seismic waves);
    • the fact that steel is a non-flammable material that does not support combustion;
    • less involvement of human factor due to prefabrication of all elements.