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«SPRINT-M» Buildings

Sphere of application and basic characteristics of all-purpose “Sprint-M” buildings

Light-gauge steel buildings, among which are “SPRINT-M” prefab multipurpose buildings, are becoming more and more important in modern construction industry.

Such buildings are suitable for various purposes, including warehouses, hangars, covered car parks, car-repair shops, stores, mini-markets , workshops, etc.

What is a “SPRINT-M” building?

“SPRINT-M” is an easy-to-assemble, quality and cost-effective product, manufactured of a unique material – galvanized cold-rolled steel profile of various cross-sections, up to 3mm thick.

Advantages of “SPRINT-M” all-purpose buildings

  1. Fast commissioning, which results in a short return on investment period.
  2. Reduced transportation costs due to space-efficient package (12x40x4.8 m building fits into a 20tn truck).
  3. Less money spent on assembly due to minimal application of hoisting equipment.
  4. Application of light-weight and cheap foundations (pile foundations, or sometimes assembled on a concrete bed)
  5. No “wet processes” and bolt connections allow for all-year-round assembly.
  6. Application of energy-saving envelop structures
  7. Application of galvanized steel profiles and polymer-coated corrugated sheets leads to longer operational life of buildings
  8. Fire resistance due to application of non-flammable materials
  9. Durability as a result of application of quality certified materials
  10. Faster and easier assembly thanks to marks on each construction element, drawings and assembly manuals.