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«VELIKAN» Buildings

In order to diversify the market of building solutions for prefabricated industrial and storage facilities, engineers in the “INSI” company have developed “Velikan” prefab buildings.

Such buildings can suit various applications, including warehouses, garages, industrial buildings, shopping centers, sports facilities, car showrooms, etc.

“Velikan” buildings have the following basic parameters:

  • Span – 18, 24 or 30 meters;
  • Wall height (up to the roof bearing structures): 4.8 – 9.6 m;
  • Unlimited length;
  • Insulated and non-insulated options are available.

These are steel-framed buildings with Н-beams of uniform cross-section applied as columns. Rigid fixing of columns to foundations. Girders are produced of rectangular or square tubes and hinged on the columns.

The envelop of non-insulated buildings is made of galvanized steel sheets with polymer coating or without it.

Insulated “Velikan” buildings feature PPGI- mineral wool – PPGI panels. The walls have 100 mm thickness, the roof has 150 mm thickness.