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Light-gauge steel structures are the result of design and construction technology based on application of profiles and perforated profiles produced of galvanized light-gauge steel. Such structures serve as bearing wall, flooring, partitions and roofing frame. Light-gauge steel is suitable for building residential houses, hotels, day-care centers, warehouses, logistics and industrial complexes.

INSI not only adopted the technology from Western countries (Canada, Sweden) but also adapted it (customized) to severe climatic conditions of Russia to ensure comfortable dwelling of all residents.

Today thanks to

  • prefabrication of all elements
  • bolt connections (i.e. no wet processes)
  • light weight of elements and the whole structure
  • step-by-step guidelines 

light-gauge steel technology by INSI allows for construction

  • all-year-round
  • within short time period
  • on shallow foundations
  • with minimum labour required
  • with any internal and external cladding

All-weather comfort of residents in light-gauge steel houses is secured through:

  • application of thermoprofile (perforated section) significantly increases the heat transfer rate, which is prevention of the “thermal bridge” problem
  • The thickness of mineral wool insulation is always in accordance with climatic peculiarities of the region
  • Vapour-proof membrane installed on the inner side of insulation material protects it against humidity that penetrates from within the rooms.
  • Water-proof membrane installed on the external part of the insulation material, protects it and the whole house against wind and moisture.