Facade Panels

Types of INSI facade panels:

Facade panels are a cladding material that can help achieve absolutely flat facades. Panels are suitable both for vertical and horizontal installation and will nicely clad different kinds of buildings.

Façade panels form elegant combinations with other INSI-made cladding materials. Produced with metal gauge 0,5 or 0,7 mm.

  1. INSI facade panels
  2. U-section
  3. U-shaped leveling corbel
  4. Rock wool insulation
  5. Wind-proof membrane
  6. 40-60 mm ventilated gap
  7. Paronite gasket

Modern façade panels are one of the best cladding materials in which affordable cost goes hand in hand with high performance and installation ease. Mechanical fixing allows for all-year-round cladding operations.

Façade panels reliably protect against UV rays, humidity and precipitation. That is why steel panels are a good option for making rainscreens. In this case façade panels can be fixed to either main wall or to furring. The second variant is more preferable as the gap thus formed between the wall and the panel can be filled with insulation material.

Major advantages of ventilated faced systems based on façade panels: