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Metal siding

Selected colour: Alder

INSI-COLOR coating*
Polyester coatings

* - Other RAL colours also possible
** - Attention: color representation depends on individual screen settings and may differ from actual representation

Metal siding is a façade material designed to imitate wood siding (board-and-batten siding).

Years of experience and positive customer’s reviews encourage us to confidently recommend metal facades as the most durable and reliable protection of your home. The price will only corroborate your choice.

  1. INSI metal siding
  2. U-shaped profile
  3. Levelling corbel
  4. Wall dowel for insulation fixing
  5. Mineral wool insulation
  6. Wind-proof membrane
  7. 40-60 mm ventilated gap
  8. Paronite gasket

Peculiarities and advantages

INSI siding is produced of polymer-coated galvanized steel which means it inherits all the strong points of this material:

  • resistance to temperature fluctuations (-50°С - +80° С) and mechanical impact;
  • long service life without losing any of its performance characteristics (about 50 years);
  • eco-friendliness;
  • non-flammability.

It also makes sense that metal siding inherited some properties of the material that it imitates (wooden boards):

  • horizontal and vertical installation options;
  • protection of building against heat (when used as part of the ventilated facade);
  • in case the customer chooses one of the two recently (alder and rosewood) – complete imitation of the surface appearance.

Advantages of the factory-direct comprehensive approach:

  1. Products always available in stock. Short times of production in case certain articles are temporarily unavailable;
  2. Suitable for the in-house rainscreen system, including furring and levelling corbels. It is a chance to provide heat insulation without compromising internal space;
  3. Infinite color range thanks to in-house INSI-COLOR paint line;
  4. Delivery to any part of the world;
  5. Possibility of do-it-yourself installation with the help of guidelines;
  6. The system includes all the materials, component parts and accessories necessary to quickly and professionally install ventilated facades.
  7. INSI metal siding is an inexpensive, functional and high-quality material for better appearance of the walls.