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Standing seam roof

What is standing seam roofing?

Standing seam roofing is the most reliable roofing material. No through-holes, concealed fastening and the reliable snap lock prevent any possibility of leaking. Standing seam roofs can be applied not only for new buildings but also for fits in with the existing architectural image of cities and towns.

Minimal slope for Standart-type roofing is – 3˚.
Minimal slope for Classic, Elegant, Pragmatic roofing is 25˚.

Performance characteristics

  • Properly installed standing seam lock prevents any leaking;
  • Easy and speedy assembly;
  • Roofing sheets are produced from galvanized coil metal, not prone to corrosion;
  • Flat smooth surface ensures good flow of water;
  • Small weight that allows for lighter load bearing strucures (purlins and furring);
  • Inflammability;
  • Wide colour range.