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Classic Standing seam roofing

Selected colour: RAL 3020 Traffic Red (INSI)

INSI-COLOR coating*
Polyester coatings

* - Other RAL colours also possible
** - Attention: color representation depends on individual screen settings and may differ from actual representation

It is a classical type of standing seam roofs. Standing seam roofs with similar external appearance have been known in Russia since the times of Peter the Great. The main feature distinguishing this type from the previously used ones is simplicity of assembly (without seaming-bending machines, using screws and roofing nails only).

Brief description:

  • Thickness: 0,5/0,7 mm
  • Weight (1 running m): 2,47/3,46 kg
  • Weight 1 м2: 4,81/6,73 kg