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Tile-effect metal sheets

Metal tile-effect sheeting is a unique combination of elegance, light weight, strength and easy installation. Tile-effect sheets produced by INSI JSC have all benefits of a product, sold directly by a manufacturer.

Due to its dignified and sophisticated looks metal tile-effect sheets are the unrivaled leader among roofing materials.

Since launching production of metal tile-effect sheets, the INSI Company has been doing its best to meet the needs of the customers by offering (delivering) a wide range of products and comprehensive approach:

  1. We produce 4 types of tile-effect sheets distinguished through:
    • appearance (profile shape)
    • profile height (and , consequently, rigidity)
    • cover width
  2. Metal tile-effect sheets are manufactured and come complete with all essential accessories to protect it against bad weather and create a solid image;
  3. Thanks to the INSI-COLOR line, which can apply finishing of any color, we can satisfy even the most sophisticated customers;
  4. Products in standard colours are always available from stock;
  5. INSI offers comprehensive approach, starting from assistance in selection of colours and accessories, through installation advice to delivery to any region;
  6. Roofing sheets you buy can be of any length from 950 to 8000 mm;
  7. Fit to ornament houses of any style and material, suitable for installation on roofs even of the most sophisticated shapes, tile-effect sheets is a truly unique product by INSI Company;

INSI tile-effect steel sheets – light roof for severe service.