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Shake tile-effect steel sheets

Selected colour: RAL 3020 Traffic Red (INSI)

INSI-COLOR coating*
Polyester coatings

* - Other RAL colours also possible
** - Attention: color representation depends on individual screen settings and may differ from actual representation

Northern Shake is a relatively new type of tile-effect sheeting. Instead of more traditional waving profile this style is distinguished by strict straight lines, which creates an impression of a functional and rigid structure. This type of tile-effect sheeting has the least overlapping resulting in significant cost-saving.

Looks to advantage when covered in dark colours.

Main features:

  • sheet length 550 - 8000 mm
  • profile heigh 43 mm
  • weight 4,75 кг/м2
  • slope ≥14°
  • total sheet width 1140 mm
  • cover width 1100 mm