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Downspout system

Downspout system is one of the most important systems of any house that protects it against weather exposure. A complex system of gutters, drips and downspouts prevents contact of water with walls and foundation and help avoid their deterioration.

INSI produces two size options of the downspout system: D-100 and D-150.


  1. Gutter stop end
  2. Branch pipe
  3. Pipe
  4. Downpipe clip
  5. Downpipe shoe
  6. Fascia bracket
  7. Gutter
  8. Gutter unit
  9. Pipe bend
  10. Pipe
  11. Downpipe shoe

Functions of the controlled drainage system:

  • Its basic function is taking water from the roof and its carrying away from facades and foundations. Accurate design will help arrange collection of water in a certain place and its further use for  various household applications.
  • When elegantly designed to match the colour scheme of the house, it adds style to the house and the final touch to its image.

Advantages of the guttering system by INSI:

INSI produces 100 and 150 mm downspout systems. Colour solutions match colour schemes of our façade and roofing materials, which means perfectly

Our employees will help position the downspouts along the building perimeter and select the most appropriate colour solution: solutions matching façade and roof will make the system virtually indistinguishable with the house in the background, while contrasting colour will set off the beauty of the house or individuality of its architectural solution.