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D-150 downspout system

  1. Gutter stop end
  2. Fascia bracket
  3. Gutter
  4. Gutter unit
  5. Branch pipe
  6. Pipe bend
  7. Pipe
  8. Downpipe clip
  9. Downpipe shoe

Водоcточная система

INSI-produced 150-mm diameter guttering system can be used on industrial, residential or public buildings for controlled roof water run-off in compliance with СНиП II-26-76.

150-mm diameter guttering system will provide for water runoff from 117 sq.m. of roof slope. It will help to significatly reduce the number of pipes on the facades and so improve aesthetic appeal of the building.

Some design and installation guidelines:

  • One downpipe is necessary for 117 sq.m. of roof slope.
  • The distance between downpipes shall not exceed 24m.
  • Gutter fall 20-50
  • The distance between fascia brackets shall not exceed 0,6м- 0,7m.
  • The distance between downpipe clips shall not exceed 2m.
  • The distance between the blind area and the downpipe shoe shall not exceed 0,30м