Unique sheath–core coaxial structure

VSM is a product developed through long-term scientific research on the interface of several sciences. INSI R&D Department has suggested a new method of modification of cement systems with «VSM» multi-functional fiber, which produces a synergetic effect: it controls concrete hardening and reinforces the cement matrix.

Such double function sets it apart from other known fiber types, which are just foreign bodies (which interact with concrete on the physical level only) within concrete. VSM fiber influences formation of concrete matrix at the microlevel ensuring denser and improved structure of the material. VSM prevents formation and propagation of internal defects in concrete resulting in higher quality and durability of finished products.

VSM Performance Characteristics.

Modifying effect of VSM coat-core fibre help achieve

VSM is suitable for various concrete mixes, including the ones meant for making slabs, flooring, monolithic structures, shotcreting.

Special attention shall be paid to application of VSM in oil industry.

When used in drilling fluids, VSM improves cuttings transport, reduces drilling mud filtration and lost circulation by 35%.

These specific properties of VSM fiber are confirmed by patents No. 2339748 and No. 2396379 of the Russian Federation and Patent No. 200880120051.0 of the Intellectual Property State Office of People’s Republic of China and Patent Cooperation Treaty application (WO/2009/075609).

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