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Profiled sheets

For more than 15 years INSI has been manufacturing “clothes” for your buildings. Or can you find a better word for the material, equally suitable for cladding both walls and roofs of a building?

INSI profiled sheeting

High quality, low cost, bright colours have quickly made profiled sheets popular in that field of construction where strength, simple installation and reliable protection against atmospheric exposure are the leading criteria. INSI profiled sheets are cold-formed trapezoidal steel sheets, painted or zinc-coated.

INSI Company offers all sorts of colours and shapes for creating neat, attractive and potentially exquisite looks of a building:

  • 6 types of thin and elegant wall-mounted profiled sheets (marked with the “C”). Members of this type with higher profile can be used for roofing as well, provided no heavy loads are intended.
  • 2 types of more rigid roofing sheets (marked with “H”) that due to additional ribs can withstand snow loads and even weight of people walking on it
  • universal HC-marked profile to avoid style discontinuity in roof and façade cladding.

Type of INSI profiled sheets:










INSI Profiled Sheets have a whole set of advantages:

  1. Combining shape and color to customs requirements creates practically infinite number of combinations.
  2. Profiled sheets are produced on CNC equipment.
  3. High precision and step-by-step installation guide ensure simple assembly.
  4. Profiled sheets can be easily combined with other cladding materials.
  5. INSI has all required certificates for its products.
  6. Delivery of materials is possible to any regions.
  7. Thanks to in-house manufacturing popular types of profiled sheets are always available in stock. In case some product type is lacking, it will be manufactured in the shortest time possible.
  8. For those who place individuality and singularity above other factors, INSI-COLOR paint line will add any colour to the metal you may find desirable.

INSI metal profiled sheets – are for those who do not want to compromise quality when saving money.