Steel joist web ПС and thermoprofile ТПС
Steel joist web ПП and thermoprofile ТПП
Hat profile ПШ-28 and ПШ-61 (for furring)
Z-shaped profile. Thermoprofile ТПZ
С-section and Sigma-section

What is insulation profile?

Thermoprofile (also known as insulation profile) is used as an element of metal frame and made of galvanized metal 0.7 – 2.0 mm thick. The main advantages of thermal insulation profiles are high thermotechnical properties, easy transportation and assembly in any season, light weight of metal structures, reliability and earth friendliness.

INSI insulation profile is cold-rolled Z-, U-, C-shaped profiles made of the galvanized sheet steel with punching. The thermoprofile can be applied as load-bearing frame elements of low-rise apartment or public buildings, certain parts of multistory buildings under reconstruction or current construction, external and inner walls, partitions, floors, frame elements of mansards, sloping roofs, hangars, etc

Thermoprofiles and profiles are part of prefabrication technology, used for design and construction of steel-framed buildings.